by Chloe Ranford

The banner I decided to create is that of a silhouetted image of a female’s head incorporated with a personal image taken of nature.


The silhouette of the woman is a metaphorical representation of me. As an online blogger, I am not a “definitive” person to the viewers (as my whereabouts, motives and features are unknown). However, the use of a silhouette subliminally reminds viewers that the author of this blog is a “real” in a physical and psychological sense. It also adds a regal element to the banner, such that the banner emits a manner of sophistication and professionalism.

The female silhouette was incorporated into a photograph of sunlight streaming through several tree branches. Not only does this integration support my integrity as a person proficient in Photoshop, but it also adds a personal touch. Photographers generally focus on the complexities of daily life and, at times, can miss the simple details. Often, simplicity produces memorability – an aspect I took into consideration when selecting the sunlight.


Sunlight streams through the branches of trees – By Chloe Ranford

Thematically, the editing of the photograph to a standard (yet contrasting) black and white ties into the motif of the blogs black, white and grey colour scheme. As there are no loud colours featured in the banner, viewers are able to read posts or page content without being unnecessarily distracted. The use of black and white also allows viewers to focus on the content of the banner rather than the colours; an attribute that is statistically shown to increases readability, empathy and engagement.

In correlation, these images create an icon that is both dynamic and simplistic.

These themes are supported through the use of the Droid Serif font on ‘Chloe Marie’, which creates a tone of formality and simplicity. It also ties into other creative design elements of the blog, as Droid Serif was the font format utilised in my posts.

I decided to use my middle name (Marie) in favour of my surname (Ranford) for usage in the banner. This was an aesthetic rather than intellectual reason; both the names Chloe and Marie have five letters, which made for a more balanced banner than the alternative.

I decided to position ‘Chloe Marie’ on the left-hand side of the banner due to the English language being read from left to right. This means a viewers eye will be draw to the lettering on the left (i.e. ‘Chloe Marie’) and then to the adjacent image (i.e. silhouette/nature), forcing them to view all the content on the banner.