by Chloe Ranford

The restrictions of the ‘Manifest’ design theme do not allow for the changing of fonts due to the creator publishing the theme before the release of the 3.1 update.

In spite of this, I deem the existing font Droid Serif to be the most suitable for this blog. As a branch of Serif font, Droid Serif has a basic form of decorative flourishes included in its design concept. This makes individual letters easier for viewers to read as their shapes are seen to be more pronounced. Droid Serif therefore creates: readability; engagement; and visual appeal across multiple platforms.

sa-720x300Droid Serif font example – Sourced from Font Squirrel

The Droid Serif font is also seen to effortlessly match the style and aesthetics of the design components featured in my blog. Its simple and sophisticated formatting creates a formal tone for additional media elements, in order to guarantee the contents of this blog are professional in manner and quality.