SWOT Analysis

by Chloe Ranford


My strengths include a strong understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and photographic imagery. I have a strong aesthetic appreciation for all manners of art and am gifted at creating and composing things which will strongly affect the senses. I generally understand things quickly and with great depth, and enjoy sharing this knowledge to the benefit of others.


I can be overly detail oriented in regards to both artistic and written mediums. I know the gathering specific information is important in the search for clarification and underlying meaning, but I need to endeavour towards a more simplistic approach to my methods.


Work experience is crucial in today’s journalistic society in order to gain both experience and an understanding of what career I wish to pursue. Attending extracurricular educational classes will also allow for the opportunity for me to meet and learn from industry professionals, while also providing a start to a network of strategic contacts.


I have a lack of real work experience in regard to the journalistic field and this is important for the distinguishing of myself from future career contenders. The apparent convergence from print to online mediums may also present a further threat in the future, as when entering the industry I may need to compete with both fellow graduates and seasoned professionals for potential jobs.