About Me

by Chloe Ranford

I decided to write my ‘About Me’ section through the use of a (fictional) psychiatric analysis.

The primary reason for this was humour. Scientists have found that after a humorous pun is experienced (whether orally or verbally), both recall and recognition memory are seen to improve. Therefore, after a potential viewer and/or employer reads my ‘About Me’ section, they will be more likely to remember it (and its given contents) over that of my potential career contenders.

In addition, the third person perspective creates the idea of trust (i.e. that I am not simply boasting my achievements). The use of third person narration also causes an emotional separation, allowing the audience to read the situation from all sides without an unbiased opinion. This allows employers to make an individual assessment of me without feeling they are being emotionally bias.

Finally, this method was used in order to talk about – surprise, surprise – me. I based the content on information relevant and helpful to my journalistic studies, while also including information that could potentially differentiate me from other prospective employees. It is important for this material to be present in the ‘About Me’ page, as employers can then find all information of importance in one location, rather than having to tediously search a person’s blog.

In addition to the (fictional) psychiatric analysis, I included the following photograph of myself.


This photograph was used for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the photograph is in colour. The design aesthetics of this blog centre on the colours of black, white and grey. A colour photograph therefore draws the viewer’s attention as it is a visual oddity, making it both striking and memorable. Psychologists have also found that people are significantly better at recalling scenes, pictures and images if they are in colour, due to prompting of better brain stimulation. If a majority of my blog images are in black and white, while my self-photograph is in colour, then viewers will be more likely to remember my profile and – by extension – me. This is beneficial as future employers may therefore be more likely to recall my blog over the blogs of potential contenders.

(A filter was applied to the photo to reduce the severity of the colours, so that the photograph still seemed ‘in theme’ with the creative aspects of the blog).

Secondly, the photograph displays a physical representation of my creativeness. This is shown via the use of blue paint on my skin, which symbolizes both my love of painting and that, beneath everything (including clothes, it would seem), I am an artistic person. The use of blue paint on all but my face was intended to make my face stand out, and the blue eye shadow was utilized in order to draw the reader’s attention from my body to my face. This also creates a form of memorability, as few others would have such a unique picture to accompany an ‘About Me’ section.