Pitching for Photojournliasm

by Chloe Ranford

What is my ideal dream job/career?

At the moment I am unsure of what my ideal “dream job” is.

Despite this, I have decided to design my blog towards the field of photojournalism as I find the ability to convey a news story through the use of an image to be emotionally inspiring.

Why do I find photojournalism inspiring?

Photojournalism is a sub discipline of photography which involves the capturing of images to help tell a story, or to present a story in their own right. They are their own medium of information and often stimulate emotional and psychological responses in an audience, due to humans having a better response to visual rather than written stimulus.

As a result, photojournalism can have a vast impact on societies. Photographs (especially those taken of natural/manmade disasters) can motivate: financial, cultural or physical aid; societal change; and emotional protest. Years after an event is over, such photographs will always be remembered by a mass audience due to the emotional responses it stirred in both individuals and the general public.

I find this inspiring, as I wish to also instigate this aspect of change in both my own and international societies. I want to make a positive impact in the world and photojournalism is one medium by which I can achieve this.

In addition, photojournalism complies with a ridged ethical framework that demands that the stories conveyed in the photograph/s are both honest and impartial, while also contributing to news media.

I find this inspiring in the sense that a photograph will (or at least should) always present the nonbiased truth. Photojournalistic stories cannot be shaped or moulded to suit the author’s intent and cannot disregard important pieces.

Who is my chosen employer?

I have not chosen an employer to whom I wish to pitch this blog.

This is largely due to the fact that an employer is not entirely necessary for a photojournalist. They primarily work as freelancers or via contract, and often supply to a range of publications.

It is also due to my own indecision as to which media platform I wish to purse (i.e. online, newspapers, magazines, television etc). Above all, I hope to work in an engaging environment that can be transferable within the global market, so that I can serve not only Australian but international brands.

How will I pitch my blog towards photojournalism?

In order to pitch towards potential photojournalist employers, I aim to incorporate a range of design aesthetics.

Firstly, I will ensure my blog features a sample of my photographic works. This is so that employers can observe what I have worked on in the past and assess whether my style and/or skill suit their photographic needs.

Secondly, I will create a blog that inspires a feeling of professionalism and simplicity. Clutter and colours can detract from the photographs presented on my blog, so I will aim to minimize these aspects wherever possible.

And lastly, I will create a memorable ‘About Me’, so that when a potential viewer and/or employer reads my ‘About Me’ section, they will be more likely to remember it (and its given contents) over that of my potential career contenders.